About us

Dear parents;

As Saadetbahçesi Kindergarten, we care about providing a healthy education for children aged between 36-72 months, prioritizing their safety and comfort.

Saadetbahçesi Kindergarten started to provide education in the 2018-2019 academic year. In addition to ensuring that our children receive the best education in our institution, factors related to their safety, emotions and personality and character development are also taken into consideration.

Considering the principle of “Every child is special”, a rich program is offered for our children’s temperaments, interests and needs. Since the development of children progresses very rapidly in early childhood, children are supported by our expert staff with various activities and activities in all development areas.

In order to be able to support children in their own special way, according to the fields they need, and to ensure the high quality of the education we provide, our personnel are supported at certain periods by our in-service training.


To support our students in the best way in psychomotor, language, cognitive and social-emotional areas and to make them competent in all these areas and self-care skills.


To be a respected educational institution with moral and cultural values, with the applied education approach.