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WELCOME to Private Saadet Bahçesi Kindergarten

Dear parents;

As Saadet bahçesi Kindergarten, we care about providing a healthy education for children aged between 36-72 months, prioritizing their safety and comfort.

Saadet bahçesi Kindergarten started to provide education in the 2018-2019 academic year. In addition to ensuring that our children receive the best education in our institution, factors related to their safety, emotions and personality and character development are also taken into consideration.

Our dear parents

Our school started its activities in Istanbul/esenyurt in the 2018/2019 academic year and aims to raise generations that shape the future with their national and spiritual values.

Our Classes

Our classes; It is clean, tidy and bright and designed in such a way that our students can move comfortably and safely.

Our Experienced Teachers

Thanks to our experienced teachers, we offer a quality education in accordance with the curriculum of the National Education Curriculum.

Healthy Meals

Our students are offered a healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack that we prepare in our hygienic kitchen.


We offer all our students activities that will improve their physical, sensory and mental perception depending on their age groups.

Foreign language

Our students are taught English as a foreign language on certain days of the week, suitable for their age group.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Toilet training of children is supported by not only giving importance to school hygiene.

Images from our events

Our students both have fun and learn through the activities they attend depending on their age groups.


We have compiled frequently asked questions from our parents.

Is there only one teacher in the classroom?

There are 2 teachers in our classrooms, 1 class teacher and 1 assistant teacher. However, if the class size is less than 5, there is only one teacher.

How long does it take for my child to get used to school?

The process of accustoming the child to school differs for the child. The child's life before school, his temperament, parent-child attachment, the child's developmental readiness, the parent's cooperation with our institution personnel determine this process.

I will register a new one. My child has never had school experience before. What should the process we follow be like?

At the beginning of the year, we have a 1-week orientation process to the school. During this period, we play our meeting games with the mothers on the first day and complete the week with individual and group games for 1 -1-5 hours in the first week. Parents wait at the door of the classroom, at the entrance of the school or in various areas such as the garden, depending on the child's needs. We complete the orientation by increasing the time at school for half an hour to half an hour according to the child's progress. During this period, parents can provide individual meetings if they need pedagogue support. During this period, our pedagogue continues to observe children and to meet with the parents of the child in need.


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