Intelligence and Mind Games

Intelligence Games provide the development of children and adults in the areas of strategy development, planning, reasoning-logical integration, visuospatial thinking, extraordinary thinking, attention-concentration, memory and memory, at the same time; These are games that develop attitudes and behaviors such as foresight, planning and patience, perseverance, determination, decision-making, accepting defeat, competition, and allow practice in the field of kinesthetics.
For this reason, in the education of intelligence games, it is aimed that the trainers-teachers, who will be the implementers of intelligence games that provide this development in children, will have a good grasp of the principles of reporting and application, together with theoretical and practical training on the importance of games in children, and the fields of intelligence games according to the areas they have developed.
Extraordinary thinking skills activities that will enrich the application of intelligence and mind games will also be included in the trainings, and sample activities will be shared.


  • To draw attention to the place of play in the child’s world
  • Introducing the child to the world of Intelligence-Mind Games
  • Explaining the basic concepts of Intelligence and Mind Games to the child
  • To introduce the areas developed by Intelligence Games
  • Demonstrate and introduce the Intelligence Games in practice according to the areas they have developed.
  • To provide resources related to Brain Teasers
  • Developing unusual thinking skills in children