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The Importance of Preschool Education

When a child is born, his whole world is his mother and father. The more parents who create their world shape and color their child’s life, the more they facilitate their child’s learning by gaining different experiences. Although the parents play the leading role in your child’s first years, after a while they begin to be insufficient for your child’s development. In this case, your child should now open up to the outside world. The most important step of the opening to the outside world that we are talking about here is the start of your child’s pre-school education. If we examine the importance of pre-school education for our children;

From the age of 3 your child should have a regular school life!

With the 4+4+4 education system, it has become important for a 3-year-old child to start the school process. Your child’s school responsibilities, such as the responsibilities of parents outside the home, is an important element for your child’s cognitive and social development as well as personality development.

Life limited to home becomes limiting in your child’s development!

A baby’s life begins with the home and learning takes place through the home and its immediate surroundings. With your baby’s walking, the acquisition of speaking skills, and toilet training, the period of autonomy begins now. Growth continues with concept education, development of hand skills, development of social communication skills. In the first years of childhood, home life is seen as a colorful and interesting place for the child, but after a while, home life leads to a repetition in the development of the child. Here, constant communication with the caregiver, games played at certain limits, and lack of stimuli can lead to limiting factors in your child’s development. A child who goes to pre-school education, on the other hand, has many different experiences besides his limited life at home.

Experiencing different lives with their peers is a test of life!

Every person is a different world with the environment they live in, the education they receive, their lifestyle, experiences and beliefs. Having a certain number of children from the same age group, who were brought up with many different attitudes and had different experiences at school, allows our children to have so many different experiences.

For your child to become individual, she must also explore the outside world!

While your child’s having different experiences and being in different environments experiences positive events for his identity and personality development, his skills to cope with negative experiences also develop. These experiences develop accelerated by opening up to the outside world.

The child who is number 1 in the family accepts to be second or even third in school.

While your child’s home life, especially if he is an only child, supports your child’s self-confidence development, sharing may negatively affect the process of being second. Preschool education is a helpful process for the child to realize that being second is not a loss in the development of the child. As a result, while pre-school education supports your child’s cognitive, social and language development, it is also a phenomenon that nourishes your child spiritually with every positive or negative experience.